Withstanding Together Through Transformation

That’s our promise

bimsara-sevewiratneBSN Consultants, we have been in operation since 2014 as the number one Lean Consulting firm in Sri Lanka pioneering consultancy to the service industry with a vision to spread across the globe. We support our customers by contributing to their efforts to take on corporate transformation challenges, providing the full range of consulting services from management strategy to business process consulting and even IT solution development, implementation and operation.

Today, corporations must carry out transformation on increasingly global levels, with greater sophistication and speed. And meeting these demands is no easy task. While corporate transformation naturally requires outstanding strategy, it can only be achieved through pervasive inculcation enabling it to take root throughout the workplace. Our greatest strength is the firm conviction that we can contribute to the realisation of our customers’ corporate transformation through leading their workplace to transformation and seeing it through to completion.

No matter what difficulties we encounter, and no matter how long and steep the path is, BSN Consultants will delve deeply into the workplace with our abundant experience and knowledge in every industry, and our state-of-the-art technological expertise. With in-depth understanding on the differences in culture and business practices among segments in the service industry, we provide solutions optimised for the customer’s inherent circumstances and we will “withstand together” with the customer “through transformation” until the work completes. And that’s a promise to our customers.

We will continue to contribute towards the success of our customers as an unceasing partner, making corporate transformation inculcated in their operations and not merely as a project.

Bimsara Seneviratne

Founder / Principal Consultant