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With standing together through transformation we will drive your business achieve objectives

We understand that our customers have a varied and wide range of strategic goals and objectives. Rather than a ‘One size fits all’ approach, we tailor our solution to our customer’s individual needs.

We have worked extensively with companies for different sectors to improve all aspects of performance while maintaining or improving the customer experience.

Our approach is highly customer-centric. We understand that delivering services to your customer is a collection of processes and activities.

We take holistic view of your processes to understand what activity add value to the customer and to your company and what activity drives waste and customer dissatisfaction.

We develop improvements that deliver faster service, higher quality while maintaining or reducing your cost base.

Reducing Costs

  • Elimination of process activity that adds no value to the customer or the company.
  • Process mapping to identify unnecessary handoffs to other areas, unnecessary authorizing and approvals, manual processing steps and unnecessary processing activity.

Increasing Quality

  • Examine the existing Quality Monitoring frameworks for consistency and ensure quality metrics are relevant and accurate.
  • Calibrate your monitoring staff to ensure consistency of results is delivered.
  • Improve your feedback and coaching sessions through observations, to understand where improvement can be made.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • Measure ‘Right First time’ metric and understand that when a customer has to contact your business more than once it generates dissatisfaction.
  • Eliminate unnecessary customer effort where your processes exhibit waste.
  • Listening to calls and reading correspondence to understand where your quality of service is deficient.

Increasing Efficiency

  • Measure and analyze shrinkage to understand drives of waste and behaviors that increase non-productive time.
  • Handling time analysis to identify performance improvement opportunities and we work with your leadership team to drive a strong performance management culture.
  • Analysis of processes to identify the 7 classic types of waste and alter processes to remove unnecessary effort.

Reducing defects and Errors

  • Implement strong, consistent feedback loops and coaching techniques to ensure improvement.
  • Statistical analysis of defects and understanding systematic causes of failure.
  • Failure demand analysis to uncover where activity is generated from a failure to serve our customers correctly in the first instance.